Negotiation Training

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In-House Training for Software Industries

When you’re building a successful tech company, new business is obviously important, but repeat business is what builds the strongest foundations. Having a workforce that is skilled in client relationship management can help better sell your technical offerings and ensure a happy and lasting customer base.

Allan’s experience in the tech industry can help IT and software businesses develop skills that can increase staff retention rates, improve both customer and staff satisfaction, and help grow your business.


Stop the churn

If the skills of your workforce are weighted towards technical prowess, the management of client expectations can sometimes go unattended. When projects suffer from scope-creep without strong negotiations of fees and parameters, this can lead to misunderstandings, burnt-out staff, and frustrated clients.

Enrolling your teams in one of Allan’s training programs can help them build the communication skills to have difficult conversations when they’re needed. This helps them to set boundaries and expectations that ensure happy workers, quality product, and long-term clients.


Don’t be held hostage by your workforce

In the current tight labor market, and in the tech space in particular, employees have a lot of power. Companies have seen key workers requesting significant pay rises every few months, and a ‘revolving door’ of talent that threatens morale, client relationships, and ultimately revenue.

Allan’s experience has shown that having leaders that are well trained in negotiation skills:

  • Generates more revenue than it costs in increased wages due to knowing how to push back on scope creep, not giving away free work, justifying their value, and pricing projects for higher profits.
  • Prevent involuntary attrition due to losing these valuable talents to competitors because they lacked the confidence to negotiate with you. Instead, you get to have a meaningful conversation with an empowered team member and come to an agreement that all parties embrace.

Invest in your staff, scale success

The ability to have difficult, articulate discussions in your business, and reach mutually beneficial agreements, is the key to scaling the success of your company. When your workforce is empowered with these skills, you will have more workers capable of solving high-level problems without escalation, so executives can focus on attracting new business and increasing revenue. Negotiation training with Allan can help your staff develop these skills and discover new ways for your business to thrive.