If you’re experiencing conflict amongst stakeholders in your business that you want resolved, mediation could be the answer. Allan specializes in business partner mediation, which can help open dialogues and resolve conflict inside a business before much more costly and time-consuming arbitration or litigation becomes necessary. Mediation could help save your working relationships and your business before things get out of hand.

Communication focused

Don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to build

When working relationships are strained, it can affect you, the business, and even your bottom line. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and your business is at risk, mediation could be the answer. Allan’s expertise allows business partners a safe space to raise their issues, concerns, and problems, and find workable solutions to keep your business moving.


Get your business back on track

As a mediator focused on business relationships, Allan functions as a translator between working parties, to help restore and improve communication. Using a studied mediation process, he provides the tools and the environment through which parties can feel empowered to settle their grievances through constructive discussion, so everyone can get back to doing what they love.


Retain control, build healthy partnerships, and thrive

Mediation is a proactive approach to conflict resolution that allows all parties to retain control of the situation, before the need for lawyers and arbitrators. Once conflicts enter litigation or arbitration, the parties lose control over the outcome. Allan’s mediation process aims to find mutually beneficial agreement between multiple parties, while each retains autonomy.

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