Simone Knowles


Purchasing Manager | City of Roanoke

"Allan provided negotiation training to our local government contracting team (purchasing & legal personnel). He tailored the training to fit the experience & skill level of each of the team members, and he kept everyone interested & engaged throughout the session. Allan’s innovative approach to negotiation and practical tools for application gave our team exactly what we needed to bring more value to our negotiations; resulting in better quality contracts."

Negotiation Training

Presentations, Seminars, & Learning Workshops

Flexible training, from 45 minutes to 2 day events, tailored

to your organization's time, budget, and skill development needs.

Provided in-person or online.




Who Can Benefit

These presentations, workshops and seminars are ideal for those who sell, manage the performance of others, or are responsible for

negotiating with suppliers and customers.

Although our workshops can benefit anyone regardless of industry, the majority of our clients represent the technology, manufacturing,

software, healthcare, and service industries.

A systematic and proven method to prepare and execute each event with every type of negotiation counterpart: negotiating one-on-one, navigating through top Fortune companies’ purchasing processes, getting best terms with your key suppliers, securing profitable deals with top customers, hiring key employees, turning prospects into customers, negotiating a merger/acquisition, or working with investors and strategic partners.

Personalized negotiation training seminars
Training Outcomes

Participants learn a system that guides them through any negotiation with confidence and integrity, freeing them to win more deals, and maximize profits.

Participants increase their effectiveness and make better use of their resources (time, money, energy & emotions) by learning how to:

  • Gather critical information from your counterpart and make sure the info is real in order to avoid compromises

  • Interpret objections and resolve conflicts (internal and external)

  • Have a powerful set of principles, strategies, and tactics to negotiate everything

  • Avoid haggling and get what you want reasonably

  • Have real, meaningful collaboration with your vendors, customers, team, and partners to increase your value to them by discovering and meeting more of their needs.

  • Overcome obstacles at the bargaining table and achieve results you want

  • Identify which mindset and behaviors are dangerous and prevent success

  • Overcome manipulation, ploys and persuasive methodologies

  • Formulate strategies and encourage engagement and adoption

  • Provide feedback to, confront, and challenge a customer while building a deeper level of trust


Client-specific benefits will also be defined once a client has an opportunity to express his/her challenges and what specifically he/she would like to achieve.


Improve your Team's internal effectiveness

This system also helps your team work better by applying their new skills to working with each other internally: improving the way they communicate, coordinate, and collaborate to create better customer and business strategies.


In-House Corporate Negotiation Programs

Private, in-house, negotiating seminars and workshops are customized in collaboration with our clients and tailored for the attendees. These can be 4-hour (re-fresher), one-day, or two-day seminars and can be combinations of seminars and workshops. Pricing is based on the size of the team that is to be trained and the length of the seminar/workshop.


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