Maximize Your Negotiations By Identifying and Understanding These Four Interactive Styles

A book by Dave Mitchell, The Power of Understanding People: The Key to Strengthening Relationships, Increasing Sales, and Enhancing Organizational Performance, explores the diverse communication styles of individuals and how this impacts their behaviors, preferences and intrinsic needs. Once understood, we can better communicate in a more meaningful and effective way with each of the four styles. As a negotiation coach, I’ve found the advice in this book invaluable in helping clients navigate any situation to reach a successful conclusion.

Honing the ability to communicate with each style can lead to better employee engagement and performance, more client satisfaction, higher sales, increased profits, and greater teamwork and morale. It also can improve one’s personal relationships. I can personally vouch for the strategies Dave outlines in this book. I met him at a negotiation event where I was speaking. Since then, he’s provided me with one-on-one coaching that has yielded substantial results. I’ve learned how to quickly adapt to my counterpart’s interactive style, breaking down barriers and fostering greater discovery. Additionally, our work also has enhanced my presentation skills as well as my ability to communicate more effectively with my kids.

Being able to identify our own interactive style can do wonders for our interpersonal relationships, careers and organizations. Mitchell goes into detail about various communication styles using iconic