Master the Three Phases of Negotiation

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

(Eliminate Fear, Foster Greater Collaboration, and Build Better, Lasting Deals)

Quick: What one word comes to mind when you think about negotiating? For many, negotiation is an unsettling and tricky undertaking. Some automatically assume negotiations will be laced with coercion, threats, manipulation, deceit and compromises. Others feel very vulnerable in the process.

Frequently, I observe inexperienced negotiators or people in leadership roles behaving deceitfully in negotiations. Their behaviors range from small white lies to outright falsehoods. Despite the variety of their dishonest conduct, the one thing they have in common is fear; they are apprehensive about what will happen if they tell the truth.

Negotiation, however, does not have to be based on fear and void of truthfulness. You can negotiate with respect, confidence and integrity. You can get what you want without compromising, feeling uncomfortable or threatened.

Negotiating effectively ensures that your efforts move forward. Doing so takes knowledge and training. Although it seems counter-intuitive, your odds of coming to a lasting agreement increase exponentially when you’re negotiating with an opponent who has had similar training to the system we teach at 88 Owls. With you and your adversary guided by the same principles, you will discover that being curious and sharing information freely, from a place of authenticity and respect, facilitates a more successful negotiation.