Getting to Safety in Negotiations

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I'm often asked to train and coach sales teams, or to work with business owners, founders and executives to help with critical negotiations – the type of back-and-forth that seals deals, forges partnerships or resolves thorny issues.

The foundation of what I teach is good communication. Negotiation is just a small slice of the communication spectrum, just as sales are just a small part of negotiation. All sales are negotiations, but not all negotiations are sales. Similarly, all negotiations are communication, but not all communication is negotiation. To gain mastery in negotiation, you also must be a good communicator.

No matter which of the following challenges you are facing, mastery of good communication and negotiation is, ironically, non-negotiable:

  • Resetting a business relationship gone bad

  • Winning back business

  • Growing sales

  • Building profitable relationships with suppliers

  • Getting teams and partnerships aligned and collaborating effectively or

  • Negotiating across cultural differences