Four Steps to Increase Your Team’s Negotiation Success

If you’ve been working for any length of time, you’ve likely negotiated more than a few times - from hiring key personnel to working with suppliers, customers, investors or board members. Perhaps it was renegotiating a client’s parts production contract. It might have been your sales team needing to negotiate more effectively to meet new sales goals. You might have had to renegotiate partnerships with your marketing team in order to stay on budget.

Regardless of the scenario and our experience, most of us have some trepidation when entering into negotiations. They can be tense and fraught with emotion. When many hear the word “negotiation”, it elicits fear, apprehension, competitiveness, distrust or feelings of avoidance.

In coaching professionals, I have witnessed varying degrees of the above emotions. The normally confident, candid individual goes silent and becomes deceitful when negotiating. Depending upon their level of fear or anxiety, individuals can run the gamut from telling half-truths to outright lying. Where does the fear come from?