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Improve Business Relationships

Paul Huffman


President | Dominion Metallurgical 

Over the last 7 years, he has taught us critical negotiation skills through internal workshops, hands-on training and coaching of new employees, as well as helping our account managers resolve strained relationships with key accounts. Most importantly, we have learned how to be creative problem-solvers for our customers by practicing key components of Allan’s system"

Avoid Unnecessary compromise

Scott Lock


Pres. & COO | InfernoRed Technology 

…Allan worked with our proposal team on presenting what we knew was likely the most expensive option. Using Allan's coaching and advice, we won the project even though the client admitted that our cost was double the lowest bid, but the value we presented was the highest."

Increase Sales

John Schott


President | Tele-Works

Allan’s coaching jumpstarted our business contributing to a 500% increase in sales backlog within 12 months of initial launch and pushed our annual recurring revenue [296%] from $2.9MM to $8.6MM in 27 months. The major competitor in our space took notice of our success, culminating in a Private Equity backed merger by Paymentus/Accel KKR."


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