Sharpen Your N-Factor

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Reduce Costs
Improve Relationships
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You can attain them by honing your N-Factor! Learn how to negotiate fearlessly. Aligning the attributes of a samurai with practical negotiation strategies and tips can enable anyone to achieve their personal and professional objectives.
Download Allan Tsang’s complimentary Sharpen Your N-Factor: Live Like A Samurai and Negotiate Fearlessly.
You’ll get:
  • Insight into the eight virtues of Bushido
  • Learn how to hone your N-Factor, combining these virtues with real-world negotiation strategies and tips
  • Discover how to leverage tactical ratiocination
  • Examine how HATS can impede your negotiations
  • Consider the four pillars of an effective negotiation system
  • Find out how the N-Factor AND an effective system virtually ensure negotiation success
  • Uncover the best ally in negotiation success
More than any other tool or resource, your ability to negotiate effectively determines your path in life – whether it’s your lifetime earning power (get the e-book to find out how much you stand to lose without solid negotiating skills); your power to earn business; knack for reducing costs and increasing productivity; or gift for diffusing conflict and engendering goodwill.
If you do just one thing for yourself, your sales team or your organization this year, make it a commitment to improving your negotiation skills.
Live like a samurai. Negotiate fearlessly. Be the hero of your own destiny.
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Learn how to live like a samurai and negotiate fearlessly

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Safety in Negotiations


Negotiation is serious business. Apply the wrong strategy, and you’ll miss out on opportunity. Take the wrong tack, and you can forever alter important relationships. In his new e-book, Allan Tsang of 88 Owls outlines some of the ins and outs of successful negotiations, including the concept of achieving safety in negotiations – taking the steps to feel confident and get what you want.


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Negotiate confidently with tips from 88owls

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