Results you will achieve

  • Make better decisions and deals - Good leaders ask good questions, know how to empathize with their counterparts, & listen effectively. They manage emotions: their own & their counterpart's.

  • Resolve conflict and work with difficult people - Good leaders know how to diffuse difficult situations and work with challenging personalities. They assertively handle aggressive counterparts without risking the relationship.

  • Get what you want without compromising - Good leaders refuse to compromise their desired outcomes and personal integrity. 

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​Negotiation skills help with a huge variety of challenges: from planning family vacations, to team collaboration, to navigating the purchasing processes of Fortune 100 companies.  Allan’s coaching is extremely effective because it uses a repeatable system proven with over 500 companies.  It’s a system you can use in any negotiation to become a fearless negotiator.

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Thomas Schmitt


Co-Founder and Partner | Right Reasons Technology

"Change is never a settling feeling. Allan will challenge. Allan will push. Always professional, yet full of passion, there was many a time when I didn't want to hear what Allan had to say. After all, as a business owner with a 20 year successful background in Business Development and Sales, I feel I have a pretty good grasp on communication and negotiations. Allan made me better, it's that simple."

Coaching tackles challenges such as...

  • Internal decisions: Resolving dilemmas, conflicting priorities/goals, devising a clear plan to move your efforts forward. ​

  • ​Intra-Negotiations: Negotiations that take place within your family, your group, your team. The negotiations that must take place to get all team members aligned without letting emotions and personal agendas inadvertently undermine or derail everyone’s efforts.  

  • ​External Negotiations:  Everything from one-on-one negotiations to navigating through Fortune 100  companies’ purchasing processes, getting best terms with your key suppliers, securing profitable deals with top customers, hiring key employees, turning prospects into customers, negotiating a merger/acquisition, or working with investors and strategic partners. 

Coaching is effective because you will… 


  • Apply your new skills immediately to a current challenge 
    Allan assigns and facilitates training activities tailored to your current challenges and skill. You’ll put your new knowledge into action, getting immediate results and transforming that knowledge into a skill.  After you report your results you’ll get individual feedback to help you master the skills to eliminate failure and duplicate success. We call this bridging the knowing-doing gap. 


  • Become fearless & more confident 
    Most of us, without training or coaching, will often experience emotional fear and anxiety when preparing for and executing a negotiation. Allan coaches you to free yourself from negative emotions associated with negotiation, make focused decisions, and, in turn, drive optimal agreements. 


  • Use a proven system 
    A systematic yet flexible method proven to prepare and execute each event with every type of negotiation counterpart.  

  • Eliminate bad negotiation habits 
    Regardless of our business or position, most of us form unconscious habits that drive us to make unnecessary compromises. Allan’s coaching teaches you to identify and eliminate this behavior. As a result, you can increase your effectiveness, build stronger agreements, and boost team morale. 


  • Develop Emotional Discipline 
    Allan helps you prepare for some of your most difficult and emotionally charged negotiations and helps you maintain discipline in following his negotiation system in order to achieve smooth and consistent execution all the way to a conclusion. 


  • Improve Focus 
    Identify and focus on the elements of negotiation that can be controlled, so you can use those variables to attain the objectives set forth by your team.