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“What if you had TWO guests on the podcast at the same time?  And what if they were two consulting negotiators with some crazy backstory and a wacky chemistry... like the "Click" and "Clack" of Negotiation?  One (that's me) is a police hostage negotiator and the other is an international business negotiation and sales consultant (HIS name is Allan Tsang).  Together, they founded the NegotiationTribe and coach executives and entrepreneurs to negotiate like pros.  We have a lot of fun with each other and also get serious with personal and professional dilemmas and the tough conversations (listening opportunities!) that can resolve them.


If this is not for you and your audience, please reject us!  Based on my research, I think there's a great match here.  Tell me if I'm wrong…”

A little about

Dan Oblinger

What if a hostage negotiator made the jump to business negotiations?  What if the same skills that save lives can also craft lucrative scope and fee packages for your firm?  Dan Oblinger is an actively serving hostage negotiator commander for a large American city.  He is the author of two books, “Life or Death Listening: A Hostage Negotiator’s How-to Guide to Mastering the Essential Communication Skill” and “The 28 Laws of Listening: Best Practices for the Master Listener”.  Dan coaches and consults with companies on internal negotiation programs, especially when active listening can enhance their deal-making.  




A little about Allan Tsang

Allan helps business leaders and professionals excel in negotiation in order to build strong agreements that do not fall apart easily. He teaches, trains, and coach a process-driven negotiation system that is based on neuroscience. This system enables students to: gain the confidence needed to face any negotiation, no matter how emotional or complex; manage their emotions more effectively in the face of crisis; turn adversaries into allies; and get more of what they want without unnecessary compromises. He has been personally coached and mentored by the Late Jim Camp, author of “Start with No”, and Gary Noesner, Chief FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit (Ret.), author of “Stalling for Time”.



Mobile:  540-392-4668



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