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Overcome fears,
build stronger agreements,
& avoid unnecessary compromises 





Allan was able to reset a critical supplier relationship that had been absent and adversarial for over nine years. Their negativity stemmed from competitive conflicts that occurred over a decade earlier, and our repeated efforts to reengage with the supplier were consistently rebuffed...Only three weeks later, we have a signed contract and now one of our best suppliers. Success.

John Schott / COO / Dominion Metallurgical 

…"Change is never a settling feeling. Allan will challenge. Allan will push. Always professional, yet full of passion, there was many a time when I didn't want to hear what Allan had to say. After all, as a business owner with a 20 year successful background in Business Development and Sales, I feel I have a pretty good grasp on communication and negotiations. Allan made me better, it's that simple."…

Thomas Schmitt / Co-Founder & Partner / Right Reasons Technology 

…"Allan worked with our proposal team on presenting what we knew was likely the most expensive option. Using Allan's coaching and advice, we won the project even though the client admitted that our cost was double the lowest bid, but the value we presented was the highest"…

Scott Lock / President & CEO / InfernoRed Technology 

..."Allan’s coaching jumpstarted our business contributing to a 500% increase in sales backlog within 12 months of initial launch and pushed our annual recurring revenue from $2.9MM to $8.6MM in 27 months. The major competitor in our space took notice of our success, culminating in a Private Equity backed merger by Paymentus/Accel KKR"…

John Schott. / CEO / Summation360

..."He engages himself effectively by providing thoughtful and relevant input in the strategic planning discussions while adding his perspective of effective ways to enhance the goals and objectives for non-profit leaders"...

Hope Cupit / President & CEO / SERCAP Inc.


..."Allan provided negotiation training to our local government contracting team (purchasing & legal personnel). He tailored the training to fit the experience & skill level of each of the team members, and he kept everyone interested & engaged throughout the session. Allan’s innovative approach to negotiation and practical tools for application gave our team exactly what we needed to bring more value to our negotiations; resulting in better quality contracts."…

Simone Knowles / Purchasing Manager / City of Roanoke